About Us

Keen Kosmetics launched in November of 2021. Founded on Christian principles Keen Kosmetics has plans to donate to multiple charities. We believe that your are blessed to be a blessing. While products are high quality and highly developed to suit any skin type or ethnicity, this cosmetic line was created for more that selling cosmetics. It was created to inspire and encourage women from all nationalities and ethnicities to feel empowered, defy traditional beauty standards, and to learn to embrace their beauty and be unapologetic about it. We don’t wear makeup to hide our “flaws” we wear makeup to enhance our beauty. The massage we strive to send is that beauty is more than an outward appearance. We are all beautiful inside and out because we are made in God’s image, with each purchase we come one step closer to reaching women all across the world in efforts to spread this message. We appreciate every customer and client and pray that you would share the message we strive to send with someone who you feel needs it. 


Mikayla McCollum